Smart Value Ventures

New Delhi

Smart Value Ventures

The office for Smart Value Venture, a start-up workspace, is designed as an office for a budding entrepreneur that aims to provide a ‘Free Address’ to all its employees. Set in the heritage buildings of Connaught place, the 4 feet thick load-bearing walls offered exciting opportunities to carve out compelling spaces that offered varying degrees of stimuli engagement. The travel sequence traverses the visitor from a small cosy entrance lounge into an expansive collaborative workspace. This central workspace further connects to the meeting room and discussion lounge. The back-of-house support staff sits next to the discussion area with discrete access.


Apart from being an extremely flexible workspace, the start-up office also scores high in terms of environmental sustainability by utilising material and finishes with a low carbon footprint and low VOC content that significantly reduces harmful impacts on human health off-gassing. Additionally, as a testament to ensuring environmental and human health, the workspace also holds a LEED ID+C certification. It incorporates the WELL principle, which provides a thorough evaluation of critical ecological determinants of human health such as air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind.

Built Area

2400 sq ft




Ms. Divya Modi Tongya